Please note that the process of legally adjusting our name from South Leeward Mission to South Leeward Conference has been completed here in Antigua. With immediate effect,  all correspondence should be made in the name of ‘South Leeward Conference’ . This includes letters, drafts, cheques, etc. Thank you for your kind cooperation.
*******************************************************************************************************************************The president of the South Leeward Conference has opened a Twitter account as a means of promoting and advancing the cause of the church.  Follow him on Twitter at SLC President@CarsonGreene17.
All teachers, assistant teachers and those desirous of becoming teachers in Sabbath School are asked to continue to register at the South Leeward Conference office. Registration is EC $40 and forms are available at the South Leeward Conference office.  
Senior Youth Camp 2020 - IMPACT Tobago. 12 days of unforgettable excitement in beautiful Tobago. Sign up now for the Early Bird special today . 
******************************************************************************************************************************* The Stewardship department is looking for five highly motivated, articulate children to be part of a Stewardship program. Parents, if your child or children are excited about this program, give the Stewardship department at the Conference a call.   

2nd Advent Radio Program Highlights

- Be a Disciple for Christ. Join Dr. Wayne Knowles and company Tuesday's at 9:30 am on Second Advent Radio for Making Disciples.

- Are you married or planning to get married? Then join Drs. Carson Greene and Mark Braithwaite every Thursday morning at 9:30 for Marriage Encounter. Enhance your marriages and relationships today.

- Experience God's power on Experiencing the Power with Sis Monica Fleming every Sunday morning at 7:30

- Celebration Time weekday mornings at 8 with Sis Delma Cameron and Sis Monica Fleming.

- The best in Gospel Music with Bro. Elderfield Peters Sundays from 2-6.

- Moments of Praise Tuesdays and Wednesdays from 5-6.

- Sunset Melodies with Bro Pete Lee on Fridays from 5:30 - 7 pm.

- Recap the Sabbath School Lesson Friday nights from 7-8 with Elders Tonge, Belle, Thomas and Gordon.

Prayer Corner with Pastor Cindiee Simmons-Lee on Friday mornings at 10:15

- Bible Time with Sis Clarita Thomas from 3-4pm on Sabbath afternoons (sponsored by Mr. and Mrs. Lynroy and Francia Ephraim and family, Adventist Book and Health Food Store and silent contributors)

- Speak He Hears with Pastor Kendol Doyle and Evangelist Eugene Benjamin Friday evenings from 8-9.

- Heavenly Melodies with Sis Paula Smith Sabbath afternoons from 5-7.

- It is Written with Pastor John Bradshaw weekdays at 11 am

- This We Believe hosted by Elder Kem Tonge along with various Pastors on Monday nights from 6:30 p.m. to 7:30 p.m.

- Your Story Hour weekdays at 2 pm

- Instrumental Praise weekdays at 1:30 pm

- What's Going On weekdays at 11:30 am

- Midday Sermon 12 noon on weekdays



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